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Swisstex uses only the most efficient machinery dyes and chemicals even if it means incurring a higher cost. You will not find the use of any carriers for polyester dyeing or any resins that would be used for shrinkage control. Our commitment to operating a low impact facility leads us to alternative finishing procedures in order to avoid the use of extremely harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Quality Control

In Swisstex’s computerized color laboratory, the exact formula for your desired color is matched, measured and locked in with scientific accuracy. With this advanced technology, we can assure clients of consistent excellence and repeatability.

Textile experts in our comprehensive Quality Control Program inspect all finished goods before shipping. We test to meet the specific requirements of each individual manufacturer, brand or retailer.

Swisstex has been an industry leader in dyeing and finishing services for knit fabrics since 1996. Our dye house operates from its innovative, cutting-edge facility located right next door. Its’ seasoned management and staff combine the latest technology with many decades of experience in dyeing services for natural and synthetic fibers and finishing applications.

With a weekly capacity of approximately 800,000 pounds, Swisstex is one of the largest and most efficient facilities. Swisstex adheres to a strict environmental policy, operating to green principles for energy and resource savings. We meet and surpass all environmental rules and regulations. Swisstex is able to maintain cutting edge efficiency by continuously updating the machinery and systems to BACT (best available control technology). The facility operates on only the most efficient dye machines available.

Significant cost savings result in the commitment to address our environmental responsibility. A Thermal Oxidizer is utilized to clean the air and recover the heat in the process. A state of the art Waste Water Heat Recovery System enables us to recover the waste water heat and use it to heat up cold water.

The facility uses natural gas as its energy source and utilizes the lowest emission emitting gas burners. In addition, the use of skylights cut down on electricity usage for an already efficient system of installed lighting. Swisstex firmly believes in the recycling of all materials possible. The plastic tubes used for the fabric are re-used and recycled and the paper tubes are recycled as well.

Dye House