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Swisstex Direct, LLC, provides the global apparel manufacturing community with a total fabric solution for circular knitted fabrics. From innovative design and product development to the highest quality knitting, dyeing, and finishing applications. We have facilities in Los Angeles and

El Salvador to provide our customers with unprecedented flexibility. We produce a wide variety of circular knit styles. Above all, Swisstex maintains the highest standards in service and dependability.

Founded in 2005, Swisstex Direct provides a completely vertical solution with competitive pricing, backed by renowned quality, reliability, quick turn around and responsive customer service. As one of the world’s most technologically advanced dye and finishing facilities, Swisstex Direct supplies a one-stop solution with on-site dyeing, finishing and knitting.

Dressing Your Consumers 

Swisstex Direct brings you the latest in knitted fabrics, both natural fibers and synthetics, for all categories of apparel. Our product line includes:

Junior, Contemporary, and Missy Sportswear

Men’s Wear

Children’s Wear

Performance and Fashion Activewear

Design & Product Development

We answer marketplace demands for new ideas in fabrics by creating our own original designs. We are continually researching and anticipating trends in color, construction, and content to develop fresh and appealing combinations.

Our expertise in knit fabrics extends to meticulous product development. It is an art to properly analyze and create a fabric’s feel as well as its technical specifications. Our experienced staff has a deep-seated knowledge in knit construction, knitting methods, yarns, and blends. This allows us to realize fabrics that have flair and function, no matter how complex the challenge.


To assist our clients in this fast-changing marketplace, we offer basics and novelties such as:

Single and Double Knits





Piece Dyed Stripes

French and Loop Terry





We work with a complete breadth of both natural and man-made fibers including:


Microfiber Polyester

Branded Technologies

Poly cotton

Spandex Blends


Rayon, Modal, Rayon from Bamboo Blends

Organic Cotton


Microfiber Nylon


We have access to the finest fibers from the United States and across the globe and are constantly sourcing new yarns. Among the finishing applications we offer are:

Brushing, Sueding, Laundering

Hand Feel/Softness

Moisture Management/Wicking

Antimicrobial Properties

UV Protection

Micro-encapsulated Finishes


Things happen fast in this business. We are able to respond with exceptional turnaround times to help meet your customer’s tight deliveries. We can quickly produce a new or recreated fabric to Swisstex standards, even in very large volumes. In the face of extreme deadlines, service takes on an even greater priority. We communicate with you at every step, ensuring each phase has been completed on time and eliminating unwanted surprises.

Client Resource

Our Fabric Sample Library at Swisstex Direct is a tremendous resource for those time-sensitive projects. When you need to achieve a design right away, and don’t have time to develop a new fabric, you can call upon our ready-to-use samples in a full range of colors and constructions. 


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